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SSD 16 GB Amiga 4000 OS 3.2.1


For Sale NEW 16 GB. SSD (DOM, Disk On Module) Hard Disk for Amiga 4000 computer with AmigaOS 3.2.1,  3000 games and demos installed. Ready to Run.

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For Sale NEW 16 GB DOM (Disk On Module) SSD Hard Disk for Amiga 4000 computer

Latest AmigaOS 3.2.1 from Hyperion installed, YOU NEED an AmigaOS3.2 license in order to use this SSD hard disk,  with thousands of Games, emulators and demos installed. Ready to Run.

It connects vertically over Amiga IDE connector.

Other eBay sellers offers a similar product but with a Compact Flash memory card instead of a real Hard Disk, the problem with Compact Flash cards is that their are NOT designed to work as a Hard Disk and have a tendency to fail. This is a REAL SSD hard disk as one found in modern PCs

The Kit includes:

  • A 16 GB Disk on Module hard disk. SSD hard disk. Formatted in PFS3 (Professional File System 3)

  • Available languages in Workbench: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish and Norwegian.

Four partitions on hard disk:

  • DH0: AmigaOS3.2, capacity 235 MB, free 202 MB, used 33 MB

    • DiskImage: Allow mounting .adf and .iso images on Workbench screen

    • Compact Flash PCMCIA drivers installed

Partitions DH1, DH2 and DH3 contains additional content, NOT provided by Hyperion. The additional content was provided by diferents sources

  • DH1: Work, capacity 473 MB, free 252 MB, used 221 MB

    • Programs: Hippoplayer, VirusZ, DirOpus 4, Super Duper, Deluxe Paint IV, Wordworth, Turbo Calc 

    • Sound: HippoPlayer, OctaMED and ProTracker

  • DH2: Emulators&Music, capacity 4.7 GB, free 1.3 GB, used 3.4 GB

    • Music: thousands of modules, ready to be heard

    • Emulators: MSX, ZX81, Spectrum, Amstrad, Commodore 64, Oric, Game Boy, Game Gear, NES, SNES, MAME, ColecoVision, Atari 2600......

    • PC and Mac emulators (included 1 GB virtual Mac hard disk with Mac applications and Games)

  • DH3: Games&Demos, capacity 8.1 GB, free 1.2 GB, used 6.9 GB

    • OCS: 2000 OCS games in WHDLoad format, ready to play

    • AGA: 1000 AGA games in WHDLoad format, ready to play

    • iGame: Front end for WHDLoad, iGame, choose games from an available games list, includes a game screen dump for easy games selection

    • Quake: 68K game Quake installed

    • Demos: More than 500 demos ready to run

With this hard disk the HD led on Amiga will work, with some Compact Flash cards the led doesn´t work.

You need a minimum of 6 MB of RAM on your Amiga, some games and emulators need accelerators cards with 060 or PPC processors.

It works with Commodore 3.1 Kickstart ROM 3.1, and with Hyperion 3.1.4 or 3.2, its NOT work with 3.0 ROM from Commodore, nor Cloanto 3.x ROM

Please, support Amiga community and buy original products. Thank you.

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