The products sold at micompuTer are covered by the legal warranty, this legal warranty vary in function of the merechandise destination country: 

- Spain, legal warranty of three years for new products, one year for refurbished or second hand products

- Rest of the European Union countries, legal warranty established by local regulations, for example, in Germany the legal warranty for new products is two years, one year for refurbished or second hand products

- Rest of the world, one year legal warranty for new products, one year for refurbished or second hand products

Some of our products have a warranty sticker attached to them, each sticker is unique and has our logo and a serial number, this serial number is placed in the invoice too, its manipulation or absence implies the void of the warranty.

No internal elements of the products sold by micompuTer can be repaired by the user, opening the device may damage the product and voids the warranty.

✔️ Bad pixel politic

The devices screens sold by micompuTer are made up of thousands of pixels. In any device with these characteristics, it is impossible for each and every one of them to work perfectly on each and every one of the screens. Despite the economic cost that this entails, at micompuTer we decided to place ourselves within what the EN ISO 9241-303:2011 standard calls class 2 and which thus defines the quality of the screen: A maximum of 2 hot pixels (always white), 2 dead pixels (always black) and 5 stuck pixels (some RGB subpixel always on or always off) per million pixels.

If the number of dead pixels on your device is greater than that indicated in the previous paragraph, the screen has a defect. In that case, contact our technical support SAT@micomputer.es..