GD Emu 5.20.3


Dreamcast GDROM SD emulator.

Latest 5.20.3 version, more compatible than the usual, and older, v 5.5 or 5.15

It also includes the kit to install on the Dreamcast, including SD card extension cable which makes it accesible without having to disassemble the Dreamcast every time you want to make changes on the SD card.

ALL GDEmus are tested on our Dreamcast at shop before dispatch, so, we are absolutely certain that, if it not work when you install it, the problem is at your side, Dreamcast, power supply, SD card.... or even could be damaged if you dont wear an antistatic wrist strap during installation. 

Due to the nature of this article, which could be damaged during installation, changes or refunds ARE NOT ALLOWED

 China Version

 micompuTer can not take responsability for the use the customer do to this cartridge

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  • Emulates the optical drive, GD ROM, from a Dreamcast, in an SD card
  • Compatible with V1 Dreamcast consoles from all regions
  • Supports disc images: GDI, CDI, CCD+IMG+SUB, MDS+MDF, ISO
  • Each image must be put in separate folder, the folder name must consist on: two digits, from 01 to 99, three digits, from 001 to 999 or four digits, from 0001 to 9999
  • All images must be in MSDOS 8.3 format, the main image file must be called "disc" with the correct extension for example: disc.gdi)

Whats included:

  • 1 x GD Emu board
  • 1 x GDEmu mounting bracket


  • 1 x 16, 32, 64 or 128 GB microSD card