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USB Gotek Floppy Emulator

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NEW VERSION USB Floppy Emulator, works with Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +3, etc.



 An original Gotek branded USB Floppy emulator in gray or black, at your choice

 OLED screen, much more information than the common three digits versions

 Rotary encoder to easily navigate through floppy disks i mages

 OPTIONALLY: Buzzer to emulate the floppy drive sound

 OPTIONALLY: USB 16GB micro memory card

Compatible with:

 Amiga (500, 600, 2000, 1200, 3000, 4000)

 Atari (ST, STe, TT, Falcon)

 Amstrad CPC (664, 6128, 6128+)

 Other computers (Dragon, Oric, Enterprise...)

Memory Card
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Forgot the proven to fail floppy disks and load floppy images from this emulator like in a real floppy drive.

Load directly:

      • ADF (Commodore Amiga)
      • ADM, ADL, ADF, DSD, SSD (Acorn DFS and ADFS)
      • D81 (Commodore 64 1581)
      • DSK (Amstrad CPC, Spectrum +3, Sam Coupe, Microbee)
      • FDI (NEC PC-98)
      • IMG, IMA, DSK (IBM MFM Raw Sector)
      • JVC, DSK (Tandy Color Computer 'CoCo')
      • MBD (Spectrum MB02)
      • MGT (Spectrum DISCiPLE/+D)
      • OPD (Spectrum Opus Discovery)
      • SDU (SAB Diskette Utility)
      • ST (Atari ST)
      • TRD (Spectrum TR-DOS)
      • V9T9, DSK (TI-99/4A)
      • VDK (Dragon)
      • HFE, HFEv3 (Universal)

Pre-configured track layouts for Raw Sector Images:

      • Akai (S01, S20, S950)
      • DEC (RX33, RX50)
      • Ensoniq (ASR, TS, etc)
      • Fluke (9100)
      • General Music (S2, S3, S2R)
      • Kaypro
      • Memotech
      • MSX
      • Nascom (1, 2)
      • NEC PC-98
      • UKNC, DVK (Soviet clone PDP-11)
      • IBM PC and many others

The installed firmware, Flash Floppy, its free software PRESS HERE for more information

The firmware can be updated via USB

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